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Replacement of Convertible Tops

The convertible top on a modern car is a complicated, sophisticated, sequential system where everything must work in order or the whole system shuts down. For instance, a Mercedes Benz 500 SL roadster has eleven hydraulically operated latches that must work in sequence so that the top will open and close properly. Over time, components of the system wear out or break. If you notice drips on your garage floor and sluggish top operation, a top lift cylinder may be leaking and will need to be replaced.

The old-school cars (20’s-80’s) are less complex but have other issues; typically worn-out weather strips, rotten wood frame components, rust, bent and broken latches, bolts and framework. We can address all of these issues, including painting your framework if this is a show car.

Replacement of a car convertible top is always a many-step, detailed, sometimes tricky process. Installation times in some models can run as high as 20 hours. Because it is complicated, quoting a price without inspection is simply a guess. We use a 10 pt. checklist including a water-test to identify which parts you may or may not need for a proper top restoration.

We can inspect your top while you wait at no cost when you stop in. You will have choices including fabric, color and level of restoration. We use only high-quality tops and properly install each top to manufacturer specification. We guarantee our convertible top workmanship 100% for life and replacement tops for their service lives.

This guarantee is based on over 36 years experience installing hundreds of tops on a wide variety of car makes and models. We are the convertible top installer of choice for dealers of high-end brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Corvette.

Mr. Trim Five Star Premium Auto Top Restoration Service

Free 10 point convertible top system inspection including water test while you wait.

Careful removal of existing convertible top, rear window, weather strips, bow pads, straps, headliner (if applicable) well-liner and all fastening systems.

Inspect exposed framework and operation to identify areas that may need attention.

Prepare and remove rust from frame.

Adjust frame to factory specs and paint, if required.

Lubricate framework.

Replace tack strip as needed.

Install new bow pads with proper spacing.

Install rear window assembly.

Install convertible soft top.

Install rear well-liner.

Install convertible top boot cover.

Final check of top operation with new components installed.

Clean up of vehicle (inside and out)

Mr. Trim Five Star Premium Convertible Top Restoration Service

The following is a list of the most common problems that crop up with specific convertible models. These problems often occur over time with these models, but could also result when new material is installed on a convertible’s top frame.

Audi Top frame and micro switch adjustments

BMW Top frame and micro switch adjustments; bending rear frame linkage; control modules; front weatherstrip, headliner kits, tension straps

BMW Z4 Corroded drive motor

Chevrolet Camaro Broken frame members; rear hoop seal

Chevrolet Corvette Frame adjustments; rear-hoop weatherstrip; top shrinkage in rear

Chrysler Sebring Frame problems; top latches, leaks; drain tube; rear defroster tabs

Ford Mustang Top wear in quarters; rear window separation; water leaks; window adjustments

Jaguar Top frame and micro switch adjustments

Karmann Ghia Rotten wood; frame components; leaks

Mazda Miata Damaged rear window zipper; clogged drain lines; rain rails

Mercedes Top frame and micro switch adjustments; rear seal replacements control modules

Mercedes SL Models Leaky top hydrolic seals

Mitsubishi Eclipse Frame problems; rear window defroster tabs; headliner design at rear window; wind noise; leaks; front and rear window adjustments

Nissan 300ZX Broken frame rails; leaks

Pontiac Sunfire Frame adjustments; window adjustments; major water leaks; rear tack strips

Porsche Top frame and micro switch adjustments; drive cables; control modules; broken frame rails

Saab Top frame and micro switch adjustments; control modules

Toyota Celica Bent balance links; bent window regulators; frame problems; top motors

Toyota Solara Frame rattles; wind noise at windshield

Volkswagen Rear window frame, wind noise at windshield; leaks at top frame weather-strips

Top 10 Things Convertible Owners Do Wrong

1) Refusing to read the owner’s manual regarding proper operation of and maintenance on the convertible top.

2) Attempting to put the convertible top down while the car is moving.

3) Rubbing the plastic rear window without removing the “grit” first.

4) Attempting to operate rear window zippers without taking tension off first.

5) Continuing to press the electric top switch when the top is clearly not working.

6) Installing large stereo speakers in the top boot.

7) Leaving the top down all the time.

8) Throwing skis into the rear seat area of the convertible.

9) Regularly taking convertibles through automatic car washes.

10) Buying cut-rate convertible tops on the internet.

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