Cost Savings

1) A dealer brought in a new Chrysler convertible with instructions to replace the convertible top because it “leaked”. I found this highly unlikely; the top was new and had no holes in it. If a leak can be found, it can be fixed; so after partial disassembly of the top, it was water-tested and we found the problem to be a body-seam incorrectly sealed from the factory. A simple fix and a lot less expensive than replacing the whole top!

2) A body shop asked if we could fix a Mercedes-Benz door panel damaged in an accident. The drivers’ side-impact air bag detonated in the accident and blew a seam apart in the panel. We were able to take apart the door panel and resew the seam, saving replacement costs of over $1,200.00.

3) A customer stopped by complaining that her sunroof needed to be replaced at a cost of over $1,500.00 at the dealer. The sunroof was stuck open and she was in panic mode because rain was in the forecast. We removed the glass panel while she waited and discovered that the internal sliding sunshade was off track and therefore jamming the sunroof operation. We reset the sunshade, installed the sunroof and off she went, ready for rain.

4) A Volvo convertible with tan leather seats was dropped off at our shop. The leather on the drivers’ seat was coming apart from heavy use and dry-rot. We reupholstered the seat with synthetic leather and refinished (recolored) the passenger and rear seats. The interior looked like new and the car was returned to the dealer. We saw it on the lot with a new price!

5) Boat seats with wooden bases in various states of disrepair can be rebuilt and reupholstered to like new condition. A customer brought in his off shore race boat drivers bucket-style seat. It was falling apart and the manufacturer was out of business. We were able to rebuild his seat frame with new wood and reupholster the seat in the exact colors and pattern of the original. No need to reupholster the whole interior.

6) If the seat doesn’t fit, don’t sweat it. Motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, auto or truck seat, if you are not comfortable, we can help. Raising, lowering, adding or subtracting padding, even changing padding—the possibilities are endless.

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